Veggie Chili

Although it’s technically still winter, spring is definitely on its way here in Chicago! The next three days will be in the sixties and there are plenty of spring showers in the forecast. I can’t wait for green grass, leaves, and flowers to return! This weekend we can turn the clocks forward an hour and […]

Turkey Noodle Soup

Can you believe it’s December again already? I think I’m still in denial despite the holiday decorations lining the streets and the fact that I’ve been listening to Christmas music since before Thanksgiving (What can I say? It makes me happy!). December schedules are always busy: parties, dinners, shopping, decorating, baking, meal planning. Family, friends, […]

Curried Carrot Soup

March has finally arrived! Now the snow will melt, the grass will turn green again, flowers will pop out of the ground, and the trees will soon fill with leaves. Right? Right?!? Lol. I’ve lived in the Midwest almost my entire life and know that this is not likely to happen, but it’s nice to […]