Tomatillo Salsamole

Time sure does fly by fast! I’ve been so busy this past month, it’s like I was caught up in a whirlwind of fun and activities. We had visitors from Texas and Michigan. We visited Michigan over Father’s Day weekend. We got to celebrate two birthdays, one for a dear friend, Sam, and the other […]

Marinated Olives

We all know that Whole Foods isn’t the cheapest grocery store around. While many of their fruits and vegetables, especially organic options, are priced competitively, their prepared foods are a different story. There are certainly times when I don’t mind paying a little more to save time, and just looking at their prepared foods case makes […]

Easy Five Layer Dip

Football Sunday mornings are always hectic in our kitchen as I rush around trying to get everything ready before our friends arrive (though I never seem finish before they get here!). Usually I make a combination of simple snacks and a couple recipes that are a bit more complex. This past Sunday I made buffalo chickpea lettuce wraps, marinated cheese […]