Rocking Garlic Press


Every now and then I come across an unexpected wonder for the kitchen. My most recent find was a gift from my mother-in-law (THANK YOU, Lucy!). I have a regular garlic press, and obviously, I can mince garlic with a knife. However, the garlic press makes very small pieces of garlic that tend to stick to hot pans. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great for sauces and dressings, but it’s not right for every job. And mincing garlic by hand can be tedious and tiresome (insert a “wah-wah” here.)

Rocking Garlic Press | Marta in Chicago

My new rocking garlic press is AMAZING. Instead of spending time hand mincing sticky garlic cloves, I use this press and, viola! Perfectly minced garlic.

Rocking Garlic Press | Marta in Chicago

It’s super easy to use. Remove the skins and cut off the small stem end of each garlic clove. Place a single clove under the center of the press. Press down while rocking it to the left or right and you have minced garlic! Repeat with the remainder of your cloves. When you’re done, use a spoon to scrape the garlic off and transfer directly from the rocker to your pan/bowl/etc.

Rocking Garlic Press | Marta in Chicago

If you only have a few cloves, you don’t even need to clean it out in between each clove. It’s easy to clean, too. Just run water over the holes and use your thumb to loosen pieces that are sticking. If you have a stubborn piece that refuses to budge, use a toothpick to pop it out.

Want one of your own? You can get it here:

TIP: Raw garlic can be pretty sticky once the skins are removed, making it difficult to handle. Run the whole clove and your knife under water before working with them. Repeat as necessary. The water will help you battle the stickiness and makes working with the garlic a whole lot easier. 🙂


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