The Beginning

I love to cook. In my household, my husband and I share the task of cooking, and we each have our specialties. One difference between us? My husband has his tried and true dishes while I love to try new recipes. I scour magazines, cookbooks, Pinterest and my favorite food blog, Smitten Kitchen, for new tasty dishes and treats. This could practically be a full-time job!  But alas, it is not.  

This afternoon as I was standing over the stove whipping up a huge batch of pasta sauce for dinner tonight, a thought crossed my mind: “I should take a picture of this and post it online!”  It then occurred to me that I have often had this thought. So, today is the day I take action! Welcome to my blog.

My intention for this blog will be to share my culinary exploration through the many recipes that I love and know, as well as new favorites I discover along the way (and probably a few failures). And since my husband and I have the pleasure in living in a city that has more restaurants and bars than you could possibly visit in a year, I will also share great food and drink we find out and about.

Let my new adventure begin!

Here is that great sauce I mentioned earlier, along with some dishes I’ve made in the past:

In my book, no pasta sauce is complete without a ton of mushrooms, onions, garlic and spices!
Oh!  Shoot… Did I mention that I am a HORRIBLE baker?!?  One of my dear friends, Keith, commented that he loved the “frosting pockets” in these infamous cupcakes, LOL.
Many years ago my sister, Lynee’, gifted me a slow cooker.  It sat in a box down in storage for years, even though I had specifically asked for one for Christmas.  Fast forward to my new best friend and the beginning of something delicious!
Baked bacon?  Yes.  I’m into that too!


I hope that you will follow me on my journey as I continue to share and experience new foods!  Recipes for all photos above to follow.
Happy eating!

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